Mathematical Lab

Educational Technology has to be seen as a part of a persistent and complex endeavour of bringing pupils, teachers and technical means together in an effective way. Educational technology has its scope for the development of course content, curriculum, the development of teaching learning materials.

Physical Science Lab

Physical Science laboratory contains the apparatus and equipments that are in secondary and Higher Secondary level. This laboratory not only creates the awareness about the experiment but it makes the teacher trainee to gain mastery over the laboratory experiments. The activities which are taking place in the laboratory are permanently affixed in the minds of the teacher trainees.

Education Technology Lab

We have OHP, LCD Projector, TV, VCR, VCD, etc., in our lab, we also teach our students teachers to operate them. Language lab is a very popular technical innovation. It gives opportunity for the students to hear the language as spoken by a native and to practice speaking the language themselves. We have a spacious room with air conditioned for language lab. We have installed “CLARITY SOFTWARE” for 21 computers in the language lab.

Art and Work Experience Lab

Experimental psychology plays a vital role in the branch of psychology. The credit for establishing psychology on a scientific basis goes to experimental method. This method is now being used more and more in psychological studies. Psychology is the science of behavior. Its nature is scientific. Almost all the methods of psychology are, more or less, scientific in their nature.

Physical Education Lab

Physical education is generally concerned with specific aspects of fitness dealing with physiologic competence. The various forms of activity in physical education are social experience which enables a participant to learn about human nature. In our college we have facilities like volley ball court, ball badminton court, kabhadi court, kho kho court etc. Every year we conduct sports and games for our students.


“Library is a bridge between knowledge and man”

      SVCE Library contributes to fulfill the mission. The library is well-equipped with modern facilities and resources in the form of CD-ROM, video cassettes, books, and journals, Encyclopedias, Dictionaries and Dailies etc. The library spreads over an area of 1,302 sq. ft. and a reading hall capable of accommodating 50 seats at a time.


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“Separate Hostel facilities available for boys and girls.”

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